Knockdown & Rebuild in Auckland

Article By: Style Plus | December 2016

The team at Style Plus like to think of the building process as an exciting journey, with each step getting you that bit closer to realising your dreams.

-  Jan Antoni Glinkowski • Director • Style Plus

Should I knock down my existing house and rebuild?

Is this the best option to build?

The knockdown and rebuild option is fast becoming more popular due to a shortage of land in residential suburbs. Many older homes on valuable and sought after land do not offer modern integrated family spaces with good construction techniques and energy efficiencies.

Knockdown and rebuild means that you do not have to work around existing structures and you do not have to compromise.

If the existing house is structurally in a bad way, there is a likelihood that knockdown and rebuild will be a lot cheaper and easier than trying to renovate it.

knockdown and rebuild will enable you to stay in your current location. This provides minimal family disruptions and no need to change schools or re-establish your family in a new neighbourhood.

Tip: Deciding on whether to renovate or rebuild is a big decision and an expensive one. Whichever way you go, it is vital to do your homework or speak with a knowledgeable and experienced builder such as Style Plus, first.

Is this the best option to build?

Is this the best option to build?

WHY CHOOSE TO knockdown and rebuild?

A knockdown and rebuild suits homeowners who are not content with:

• A large renovation with quotes that are fast approaching what a new home build would cost.

• A design | floor plan that does not suit the family’s lifestyle.

• Earlier construction, materials, or techniques that do not incorporate items such as double glazing or underfloor heating.

• A sited home that has no environmental benefits or poor natural light.

What are the overheads?

When you knockdown and rebuild there is always the overheads to consider. The following are a few examples:

• Will you require temporary accommodation | rental for the period of construction? If rental or temporary accommodation is required then this cost should be added to the overall build budget.

• What is the cost of demolition? Demolition costs do vary and it is advisable to acquire three quotes and compare 'Apples for Apples'.

• Is your home a heritage listed building?

• What is the cost of new services? Generally, a site that has been demolished will require new services. For example, new drainage to be laid, new water mains and electricity supply to the new home.

What are the overheads?

Do I Require Building Consent?

Do I Require Resource or Building Consent?

If you intend to demolish or remove a building or structure from your site you will require a Building Consent unless it meets the Schedule 1 exemptions:

• A building consent is not required for the following building work: The complete demolition of a building that is detached and is not more than 3 storeys.

• You will need a building consent to build your new home. Your architect|designer or builder can do this on your behalf.

Tip: A resource consent will be needed if any part of your property development breaches District Plan rules. At any point before you submit your application, the council can provide guidance as part of its pre-application meeting service.

Residential Building Warranty for Custom Design & Build New Homes

Building a new home is one of the biggest investments you will make so it is important to have a building warranty which protects you both during construction and for 10 years after completion.

Our Residential Building Warranty provided by Stamford Insurance, which has the surety of being underwritten by Lloyds, has been designed to cover any type of new development, from individual homes to larger sub-divisions and multiple housing units.

Stamford Insurance - 10 Year Building Warranty

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Residential Building Warranty

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