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We understand that your renovation is very important to you – we will take care of your entire project so that your changes connect seamlessly to your existing home.

Most clients choose Style Plus | Renovations Auckland because we provide more of what they value most: time, peace of mind, full project pricing & accountability.

Project Management | Style Plus

Project Management

Whether you will undertake a small or large renovation, the need for a competent project manager becomes an important factor towards the success of a renovation.

From concept to completion your Style Plus | Renovations Auckland North Shore dedicated project manager will look after you.

With careful planning, knowledge of the building industry, dealing with councils, trades and architects, your North Shore Auckland Style Plus | Renovations project manager is able to lead you through the renovation minefield. He will be the “one point of contact” for the entire project.

With a sound health & safety record, quality management processes and peer reviews, Style Plus | Renovations Auckland is continually improving processes to ensure you get the renovation you want.

• Project Management & Renovations”


At the design stage we meet and talk with you, listen carefully and understand what you want and need for your renovation.

From a vague design idea of what you want, to a design that you have in mind, we can assist in preparing the plans you want.

Your plans will then be prepared by professional architectural designers based on your requirements.

• The Renovation Design Process”

Architectual Design | Style Plus

Concept Design | Style Plus

Concept Design

Concept Plans provide the first visual of your project at a higher level and will include floor and wall plans & 3D renders if you choose. They will take into account any restrictions that will be placed on your project by council such as height to boundary or resource consent requirements.

Once the Concept Plans are completed and agreed, the next stage will be Working Drawings.

These are highly detailed plans and are required for submission to the Council. They will also enable an accurate build cost and timeline to be provided.

Our team will work with you along the way to review your budget and finalise your layout.

• The Renovation Design Process”

New Build

We understand that your new build project is more than just a house. With Style Plus, we take care of your entire new build project – including the foundation, site work, driveways and more – so that your new home connects seamlessly to your land.

• Style Plus | Construction

Project Management | Style Plus

Most Style Plus clients choose us because we provide more of what they value most:

• Time.

• Peace of mind.

• From "Concept to Completion" Project Management North Shore Auckland.

• Full project pricing.

• Accountability.

• Trust.


This is an increasingly attractive option to home owners. With the real estate cost of selling easily exceeding $20,000, many homeowners have opted to put that money towards staying where they are & renovating.

Recladding | Style Plus

Renovations | Re-cladding Auckland

We undertake all types of renovations from full additions, pop ups, kitchens or bathrooms.

If you have a vision or wish list we can make it a reality.

We also have experience with weathertightness issues, required remedial work & re-cladding.

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Interior Design

Style Plus | Renovations Auckland North Shore are unique in having the services of an interior designer available to you from day one of the process (this is included in our first consultation - on request).

From interior design, bathroom design to kitchen design, at Style Plus | Renovations Auckland, we can provide these in-house services.

Interior design service includes:

• Kitchen, bathroom and laundry design.

• Colour and finishes consultancy.

• Furniture sourcing and design.

• Soft Furnishings.

• Window Treatments.

Project Management.

Interior Design Service | Style Plus

We have found that the eye to detail that designers possess can be invaluable in assisting in a clearer visual from the outset & ensuring that plans will be seamless with the existing home & contents.

Interior Design Service | Style Plus

The design input can continue to be available through to the finished project for colour choices, decoration, soft furnishings and furniture placement for that total finished look.

We offer interior design solutions to:

• Home Owners who are looking to renovate or build.

• Architects - working in partnership to provide clients with a complete design solution.

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