Project Management & Renovations

Whether you will undertake a small or large or even a commercial renovation, the need for a competent project manager becomes an important factor towards the success of a project.

Article By: Style Plus | January 2016


Project Management & Renovations

Whether you will undertake a small or large or even a commercial renovation, the need for a competent project manager becomes an important factor towards the success of a project. In the first article in this series the Style Plus team reviews the role of a project manager for a renovation:

• Advantages of employing a project manager.
• DIY project manager?
• Style Plus Project Management.

Advantages of Employing a Project Manager for your renovation

There are many potential pitfalls for your renovation. For example understanding council requirements, building code requirements and potential additional costs that many people are not aware of. All of which would be discussed in the early stages with a competent project manager meaning that there are no nasty surprises or budget blow out.

The following are a few further examples on the advantages of why it is worthwhile employing a project manager to manage your renovation:

• The project manager will be the “single point of contact” for the client. This would negate any miscommunication that can occur between multiple subcontractors and the client managing the project. Renovations can consume a large amount of unexpected time managing subcontractors and keeping the project to the scheduled timeline and at the budgeted cost.

• The project manager will take control of your renovation from concept to completion. This is generally achieved through excellent management, communication, organisational and budgetary management skills.

Project Management Advantages | Style Plus

• The project manager will have access to a team of registered tradespeople, architects and engineers that they work alongside with on renovations.

• The project manager understands how long specific areas of work will take. This is achieved by planning the project and allocating tasks with time frames.

• The project manager will generally visit the site on a daily basis. They liaise with tradespeople onsite to ensure the renovation is carried out on budget and on schedule. And check that the Health & Safety plan is being adhered to.

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DIY Project Manager?

Experience has shown that the DIY project manager underestimates the amount of time and disruption they will experience to their everyday life. If you want to be your own project manager for your renovation and you have never undertaken any building work before, I would not recommend that you do not do so unless you have scheduled significant time off from your usual profession to bring your project in on time and budget.

Renovation is far more complex than you realise. For example, responsibilities for the quality and meeting the current building code reside with the subcontracted professionals for the renovation, for ten years. This includes the project manager!

Project Management Process | Style Plus

Style Plus Renovation | Project Management

With Style Plus you have the assurance that through our strong project framework your renovation investment is not at risk.

From concept to completion Style Plus will look after you. With a sound health & safety record, quality management processes and peer reviews, Style Plus is continually improving processes.

With careful planning, knowledge of the building industry, dealing with councils, trades and architects, the Style Plus project manager is able to lead you through the renovation minefield. He will be the “one point of contact” for the entire project.

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