Re-cladding & Renovations
Part One

The term reclad or re-cladding means to replace any part of the exterior envelope (component or system) used on the outside of the building to prevent the ingress of moisture and includes over-cladding or targeted repairs.

Article By: Style Plus | January 2016


Re-Cladding & Renovations

In the first article in this series the Style Plus team reviews the advantages of re-cladding and council requirements:

• Advantages of Re-cladding.
• Building & Resource Consent.
• Plans & Building Consent.

Advantages of Re-cladding

If you decide to embark on re-cladding your home you will have the opportunity to create a completely new look to your home. You can modernise, make additions or alterations which can have an effect on the value of your home.

The following are a few examples on the advantages of re-cladding:

• Identifying and repairing any damage to framing, flooring, linings, balustrades or waterproof decks.

• The opportunity to upgrade to current Building Code external moisture requirements and to apply current E2/AS1 details that include incorporating a cavity system.

Weatherboard Reclad | Style Plus

• The opportunity to change the cladding type for example, replacing monolithic cladding with weatherboards.

• The opportunity to treat sound untreated timber while the framing is exposed.

• The opportunity to review and replace replace flashings with those meeting current E2/AS1 requirements.

Style Plus specialist in full contract re-cladding in weatherboard and modern plaster systems.

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Weatherboard Reclad | Style Plus

Building & Resource Consent

You do not need to apply for resource consent to undertake re-cladding work. However, your building consent application will be subject to more intensive inspections compared with other applications by the council.

A general cautionary note, if you do proceed with re-cladding work without having been granted a building consent, the Council will issue you with a stop-work notice and require you to obtain the necessary consents before the work is able to continue. It does take time to get drawings completed by the architect and to obtain building consent.

Plans & Building Consent

To acquire a building consent the design documentation must be created with sufficient information and detail to show that the proposed house will meet the performance requirements of the Building Code.

For example, the documentation must clearly show how the house will keep water out by specifying such things as ground clearances, balcony and deck details, cladding system to be installed, joinery and flashing detail.

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