Misty white walls, timber, hints of elegance, and soft accent colouring - this is a very current design style, Scandi.

Article By: Style Plus | April 2017

Scandi Design

Scandi Design

The iconic Scandinavian style, which emerged in the 1950s, and evolved to fit most life styles and conditions, with focus on light and space. Over the years the style has evolved and changed, and become popular international.

Scandinavian interior style combines minimalism and simplicity, which helps avoid the coldness in the chilly outdoor surroundings, and create a comfortable picture of indoor cosiness and comfort.

The styling is so easy and versatile it can adapt to most interior style of your choice - Modern, Industrial, and Contemporary, Beach or Country influence.

The style echoes nature as can be seen in the opening landscape image above and is where the inspiration for the colour palette adopted in Scandinavian Design comes from.

It is essentially quite simplistic with white walls, wood and painted wood floors or even concrete floors, softened by the use of texture and natural elements – wood, furs, linens and wool in chalky colours of pastel blue, pink, green, grey, heather along with accents of black or navy to anchor a room.

Scandi Design

scandi lighting


Considered lighting is essential for creating a successful Scandi interior design. The simplicity of the furnishings and colour palette leave a fairly blank canvas for lighting to add interest or even drama, whether it is intended as functional or mood lighting.

Try to avoid matching lamps and light fittings, a mix of styles and finishes in rooms adds interest, surprise and individuality.

Look for:

• large wood shades

• coloured metal light fittings in simple or more sculptural shapes

• chandeliers

• floor and table lamps made of wood or metal

Living areas

If tidiness and simplicity is considered modernistic, then Scandi is the modern face of design. Rooms feel light and airy and enable roomy spatial layout.

Look for:

• functionality and comfort

• light coloured sofas and chairs with legs to raise them from the ground

• matt, textural finishes for furniture - wood or concrete and just about anything in between.

• warm textural finishes for soft furnishings – linen, wool, lambskin, faux fur

• supplement simple cushions with wool throws

• neutral, chalky palette of warm colours

• minimal accessories in warm metallic finishes grouped with concrete or glass vases and simple sculptures

• natural accents, feathers, gnarly wood twigs and branches, hessian baskets

• potted plants

Living areas

Scandi bathroom


Scandi style bathrooms are clean, warm and inviting.

As with kitchens, bathrooms are designed with a minimalistic approach of white or very light coloured tiles, walls and floors.

Warmth is added by using wood vanities and mirror surrounds. This particular vanity provides great storage, which is a major consideration when wanting a sleek clean look.

Patterned towels provide a dash of fun but remember to keep to the neutral colours and play around with the vast array of shades.

Adding rose, bronze or brass coloured metal for dispensers and storage jars adds a sense of luxury and added interest to the whole space.

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