Textured Walls for your Renovation

Your walls just became more exciting with the use of textures. Regardless of your design style, with a little inspiration there is a texture that fits perfectly in your home.

Article By: Style Plus | Mar 2016


Textured Walls

If you are looking for a way to change your interior walls during your renovation, the Style Plus team have a few suggestions for using textures to enhance them:

• Designing with Texture.
• 3D Wall Cladding.
• Ceramic Wall Tiles.
• Wallpaper & Textured Paint.

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Designing with Texture

When an interior designer refers to texture they are speaking to the surface of a material. Every surface has a texture whether it could be smooth or rough, bumpy or flat.

When designing your room you can add texture to an entire wall or you can just create an accent wall.

Texture in general helps to differentiate various objects and surfaces, transform light, and influence scale but it can also communicate a particular design style. Either way you can achieve an appealing look for your new renovated interior with wall textures.

Wall textures can be described as either tactile or visual.

Tactile texture relates to the actual feeling of a surface for example, smooth, rough, soft, or hard.

Visual texture is our perception of what a texture might feel like. In other words, we often make assumptions about the texture of a material based on our memory of touching similar surfaces.

The most common sources of texture come from materials such as tile and fabrics that make you want to reach out and touch them. Other ways to express texture are more surprising, ranging from contemporary 3D wall cladding to full-scale art installations.

3D wall cladding

Using wall textures gives the ability to generate a mood in a living space without having to change the furnishings, flooring or architectural details.

Depending on the interior design you are trying to achieve, bold textured wall panels are an alternative for your interior walls.

One option when considering installing wall panels when renovating is WallArt® - a New Zealand company based in Christchurch.

WallArt® have a range of panels that will bring your walls to life with its eco-friendly 3D-wall panels. Made from the fibrous residue produced by sugarcane called Bagasse, it is 100% recycled, compostable and biodegradable.

The cost of WallArt® panels is $149 per 12 panels which covers an area 3m2.


Ceramic Wall Tiles

3D textured wall tiles are becoming more popular, with 3D squares, waves and weaves alongside traditional stone looks.

Modern ceramic wall tiles offer a number of ways of adding a pop of colour to your interior design with interesting textures and unique decoration patterns.

Decorative 3D wall tiles have textures and effects of light and shadow, which create a modern, luxurious and dynamic interior design.

Decorative 3D wall tiles also create striking accents and beautify modern interior design, while keeping living spaces feeling spacious.

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Wallpaper & Textured Paint

Wallpaper might be the most common and simple way to add texture to walls. Textured wallpaper has its own built-in feel and design. With so many different styles available, it can be tailored to match existing interior design or used to create a new interior design.

One of the up and coming trends combines the best of both paint and wallpaper, allowing you the option of textured or patterned walls in any colour you can choose.

An advantage of wallpaper is that it hides wall imperfections, which means you don’t have to repaint regularly to hide scrapes, marks and dings.

You can add texture to your walls using textured paint. Using paint in this way can give you more options than the basic satin or flat sheens. Alternatively, you may choose from stone, sand, or faux finish.

An advantage of textured paint is that it is good for hiding blemishes that a flat or satin sheen paint might show. You can buy textured paint pre-mixed or you can buy packages of powdered texture additive or sand (formulated for mixing with paint) to add to standard paint.

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