Refresh your walls with Wallpaper

There are many ways to increase the appeal of a home's interior, and one of the most popular methods is with wallpaper.

Article By: Style Plus | April 2016


Our interior design service can provide recommendations in choosing where to plan your feature walls and assisting in the selection of your wallpaper. We also have exerienced wallpaper hangers on our team.

City Lights 455038

Enliven your space with this bold contemporary floral pattern. The Manhattan collection incorporates versatile designs in modern colours & optical 3D effects combined with floral designs reflective of young & trendy, neo romantic times.

Price per roll: $92.99.

Application: Paste the wall.

Main colour: Cream / natural.

Cleaning properties: Washable.

• Guthrie Bowron

Wallpaper or Paint?

The answer is, you do not have to choose as wallpaper and paint work well together.

In recent years, wallpaper has come back into vogue with many new colours, textures and designs to choose from.

Modern wallpapers are now washable and wear far better than their predecessors. And if you wish to redecorate in the future, todays wallpapers are far easier to remove.

Textured wallpaper is also becoming more popular. With its tactile appeal, it adds an extra element of texture to the room design. Some of the latest products feature shimmering metallic effects, natural fibres, and tapestry looks.

If you are still undecided between paint and wallpaper, the range of anaglypta (paintable embossed papers) is an alternative. Some anaglypta brands even offer personalised textured designs.

Feature wallpapered walls are often used to help break up open plan living spaces or to accentuate a particular aspect of a room. Paint and wallpaper should complement each other, one building on the strength of the other. For example, paint a large open space in a warm, neutral shade, then wallpaper a feature wall.

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Types of Wallpaper

There are three main groups of wallpaper, according to how they are applied:

Un-pasted paper : Paste must be applied to the paper. This can be done with a brush or a pasting machine.

Pre-pasted paper: Pre-pasted papers require soaking in a trough to activate the paste prior to hanging. The majority of wallpapers on the New Zealand market are pre-pasted.

Paste the wall: Paste is put on to the wall rather than the paper. This is the easiest to hang and easy to remove, simply peels off in one piece.

Resene WallPrint

Resene WallPrint

If you cannot decide or find the right wallpaper to suit your interior design, then try Resene WallPrint. This online facility will enable you to create your own wallpaper.

Simply upload your high quality photo (a holiday destination, family photo or artful composition) or choose from a gallery of images then adjust the scaling to create a perfectly sized feature wall. Once you have finished your design, Resene WallPrint is printed onto wallpaper. Each strip is numbered so simply paste the wall, hang the wallpaper and enjoy your one-of-a-kind wall.

Resene WallPrint cost is $75 inc GST per square metre, including delivery to your nearest Resene owned ColorShop.

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